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1. Dark In The Station 05:17                                                                         

2. Colour 02.50
3. Variation 05.11
4. Get Out 04.07                                       
5. Angelina 04:11
6. Â Bamba 02.42
7. Yerouchalaïm 04.08
8. Warsawa 02.42
9. Dark In The Station (Long Version) 07.30






- First Concert Piano at the age of 4

- «Conservatoire de music» of Piano located in the city of Tarbes in the south west of France at the age of 12.

- Singer and organist in a band orchestra at the age of 13 years.

- Lots of shows in Spain, Turkey and France as a singer around 18.

- Many recording sessions as artistic director in Roma, Italy as well as in Munich, Germany.

- Met Jacqueline Boyer. Totally composing and realising four albums for her.

- Further writing a special song with Charles Aznavour for Jacqueline Boyer.

- Launching the hit song «Peur» with French-Pop singer Jean-Luc Lahaye.

- Composing and realising «Dark In The Station», an artwork growing in four years together with
American Israeli French and Italian musicians between Paris and Rome.

- 2007 / 2009 composing the musical background for an audio book containing poems.

- KiaT continued composing music and performing recording sessions. Hi lives in the south west of France now…


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